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  • Amnesia (MS-Windows application, by Ian Henderson)
  • Biodiversity Atlas (Web application, on top of Google AppEngine, by Tim Robertson, Sergio Alvarez Leiva, and Javier de la Torre)
  • Clique (Pascal version with source code, part of the PHYLIP package by Joe Felsenstein)
  • Croizat (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, MS-Windows application, with Python source code, by Mauro Cavalcanti)
  • CReader (Project proposal, by Brad McFall)
  • Martitracks (GNU/Linux, MS-Windows application, by Daniel Miranda-Esquivel and Susy Echeverria)
  • NDM/VNDM (MS-Windows application, with C source code, by Pablo Goloboff and Claudia Szumik)
  • PASSaGE (MS-Windows application, by Michael Rosenberg)
  • Trazos2004 (ArcView GIS extension, by Camilo Rojas)